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We are the first American team to compete in the British ScrapheapChallenge engineering competition TV series(Junkyard Wars).  The team is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  We were finalists in the 2000 season, the third shown in the UK, and thesecond one shown in the US.  In 2006, the team was invited back to the UK, to be part of a special episode commemorating the 200th birthday of Isembard Kingdom Brunel. (this episode has not been shown in the US) The show appears in the US under thename Junkyard Wars.

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Want to try a junkyard build at your next company event? Would you like to have a Junkyard Warrior visit your school? Interestedin a team-building event? TheRubbish Deconstruction League has corporate and school programs available.If you are looking for information on the CRMI Catapult Building fundrasing event, it can be found at Be A Siege Engineer

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Thewinning team

CrashCrash Our self described mad inventor, Ph.D., andthe oldest of the bunch.  Holds a bunch of patents, and restored the Land Rover that he drives to work.  A ham radio operator, he is adevotee of Milwaukee power tools.  In 2007, he eloped with his long time partner, Penny. They now have a son named Stephen, and twin daughters Marie and Grace. We appointed him Captain, since they wouldn't let us call him Chief Designer.  He even decided heliked the job. He also served as a season captain (against Bowser Munson) in the American version of the show.   .

撅高含着玉势羞耻惩罚dp>dp(Jeff)Theorganizer and actual leader of the team (also webmaster, mailer of T shirts,speaker to travel agents, etc.), recumbentbicycle obsessed (I design and build my own, see Frankenbikeand Trondholm,our tandem, or the The Busycle), and the most heavily bearded.  (I am told that made methe prime candidate for captain, but I managed to avoid it.)  Besidesthe bicycles, and this team web page, I build musical instruments, ringchurchbells, take pictures with a plate camera, and read entirely too much. As a side effect of the Junkyard alumni reunion, I have joined TeamTormentum, building siege weapons, primarilyfor tossing pumpkins.  More detailshere.

GeoGeoMachineartist, designer, computer scientist, futurist, extreme engineer. Has former lives in electrical engineering, robotics, and roboticart. Currently, having escaped with his Phd from MIT, can now be found on the left coast, at Squid labs. The first audition was filmed in the Chinatown loft he called home.  Our diver, he got thejob of piloting TheNautilus, our submarine. 


Tenreasons why being on Junkyard Wars is better than being on SurvivorTenreasons why Junkyard Wars is better than "Iron Chef"
Imitation- MIT East Campus Courtyard WarsKevinBacon Numbers
Thanksgivingspecial -- recipe for a steam carTheNew Hackers Dictionary

OurFirst Challenge

I canfinally talk about how we did.  Yes, we indeed won the UnderwaterChariots competition.   As a result we will appear, in the first semi-final round, where we will build ourselves a steam car.  Details below.

Take a look at SubmarineDesign Notes for more details than the TV show has time for.  Peer inside the skinof the Nautilus.

Weflew, we built, we conquered.  A delightful, but exhausting time washad by all.

OurSecond Trip!

Thistime we got to boil water, building coal fired, steam powered, race cars. The opposing team was The Beach Boys, fresh from their defeat of Bowsers"Filth".   All the details that the TV show didn't have timeto show, are in Steam Car in a Day . It includes my design notes, a discussionof race tactics, and lots (40) of pictures and annotated drawings. Also available is a short piece on steamterminology.

OurThird Trip:

RDF:Why all the water?  First we had to move under it, the second time,boil it, this time we will have to move across it, then pump it. We take on canny Dick and the Strawbridge boys, with their habit of preparingtheir unwitting opponents for the competition by trying to drink them underthe table the night before. I am still working on my usual write-up. In the mean time, you can read the Channel4 write-up, and the only timelapse video of us building.

We Get Press

  Boston Innovation's Matt Fellows wrote Team Building? Try Machine Building! about Jeff's team building program.'sMichelle Dellio interviewed Jeff, and Steve Garfith one of the Britishexperts, and wrote Who Wants To Be a Gearhead? Thiswas picked up by Slashdot which resulted in the usual blizzard of hits, and over100comments.  The whole team was interviewed by Michael Park, and FoxNews  published U.S.Gadgeteer's Appear on British 'Junk' Show. ChrisSzechenyi, of the Boston Globe's online edition wrote Turningjunk into science.  The paper edition of the Globe ran its ownarticle. We had our first live interview, on Baltimore radio station WQSR'smorning show.  Chris Wright of the BostonPhoenixinterviewed Jeff and Crash, resulting in TechnoTrash: Junk Bonds.  Shortly before our show broadcast in theUS, we appeared on The Computer Reportshow on WCAP radio in Lowell.  While not mentioning us by name, areview of the show in Maxim online used a photo of Crash and I with theNautilus.

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FrequentlyAsked Questions
Tenreasons why being on Junkyard Wars is better than being on Survivor
Tenreasons why "Junkyard Wars" is better than "Iron Chef"
NERDSfashion statement - T shirt ordering.
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Thanksgivingspecial -- recipe for a steam car
Imitation- MIT East Campus Courtyard Wars
ADiary of our first heat (embedded pictures)
Steamengine - terms and basics of operation
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Thisplanet needs a lot more kids that think taking a lawnmower's engine apartis more fun than playing video games.

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