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Standing Seam Metal Roof

色五月激情五月Thank you for considering us here at Aegis Roofing. Our roofers have been serving Fredericksburg, King George, and Stafford, VA with roofing, siding, and gutter replacement for 10 years. With professional teams of skilled installers we will continue to provide all of your home exterior needs.


色五月激情五月Other than your health, your home is your greatest investment. Your home’s roof protects you and your family. Your roof is the first line of defense to your home and guests. That is why we train our team on the best roofing systems and practices available. At Aegis Roofing, we go above and beyond with customer service and manufacturer’s requirements.We install our shingles with six nails to give them exceptional wind resistance. Without sacrificing quality or cleanliness, we are able to complete most roof replacements in one to three days. We only tear off what we can reinstall the same day so your roof remains watertight throughout the night.Aegis Roofing maintains a job site that is free of debris. Along with providing you with beautiful new roof, our goal is to leave the area as clean as we found it.We lay tarp around the home to protect the landscape and catch debris. We sweep with magnets around the trucks, trailers, and in proximity to the roof. Regardless of your budget, we can help you find the right roof to give you the best protection for your money.Our customers can rest assured that we will offer the best price for the highest quality of workmanship, and we back our promise with a great warranty. In most roof replacement cases, we do not require any money down.


Whether you need minor repairs or a full installation, Aegis Roofing is here for you with the perfect solution.Our vinyl siding installations or replacements typically last five to seven days, and we only remove and install one side at a time. With our professional installation, corner trim, J-channels, soffit panels and matching caulking, we will help complete your exterior transformation.


Aegis Roofing offers continuous, or "seamless” gutters, 5'' K-Style aluminum gutters with 2x3" or 3x4" downspouts.Our gutters are formed on-site and installed with screwed down hidden hangers, so no spikes! Why do we offer 3x4” downspouts?If your current gutter system is not evacuating fast enough, this will enable more water flow.3x4” downspouts not only remedy most overflow issues but help reduce the chance of clogging.Our gutter installations generally last one day with no money down.


 We proudly back our promise with great warranties. Most of our shingle, roof, or siding installations and replacements are guaranteed to last for at least 10 years, while the warranty on defects in gutter workmanship is 3 years. For our standing seam metal roof installations, we offer a 15 year workmanship warranty.


We provide free quotes on all roofing, siding, and gutter replacements and repairs.Our estimators are not salesmen, we offer zero pressure bid proposals, our estimators are roofing and siding specialists that will oversee your requests. All of our estimates are provided in a timely manner and will reflect the best price for the highest quality of workmanship. At Aegis Roofing, we are customer-focused and friendly.Although we prefer our customers to be home when we come out to answer questions, as long as we safe access to your roof (no man-eating dogs, please), we do not require you to be there.We understand that you have a job, too.


  • Quality workmanship
  • Licensed and insured
  • Prompt professional service
  • Affordable Rates
  • Outstanding warranties
  • Integrity
  • Conscientious Job Site Management
  • A+ Better Business Bureau Rating
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
“Aegis” (pronounced ee-jiss)

Aegis was the name of the mythical shield given by Zeus to heroes for their protection.

The Aegis in Aegis Roofing inspired for several reasons. Your roof is a part of your homes aegis against the elements. It is also a defense system used to shield our fleet for our national security and of great importance to the families of the Fredericksburg, Stafford and King George, VA area for many years.

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